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Chrome startup stutter


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I am experiencing some stutter with sprites and tweens that I think can be put down to a comment photonstorm  makes in this thread




about chrome JIT precompiling etc.


I am thinking that I could do some smoke and mirrors on app startup to let chrome do its thing before I hit it with a big tween when I slide in a game selection panel, but I need to understand what chrome is actually doing in this phase.


For what its worth I am targetting crosswalk and am deliberately testing on nexus 4 and nexus 7 (slowwww) devices under the assumption that reasonable on these is going to translate to OK on anything more modern - but I am also seeing stutter in the browser on 8 core AMD 7200 - not so slow.


So does anyone know what chrome is doing in these few seconds so that I work out what I can distract users with for a second or so. Distracting people from lag with something laggy is probably not good design....

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