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How to set italic and bold words with position?


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Thanks for your quickly response my friend!


Yes, but it is not a good solution  :(


Another solution would be this => font: "bold 60px Arial",

create: function(){        this.hello = new myText(      this.game, this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY, "Hello World, this is Phaser 2.4.1!", {                font: "bold 60px Arial", //all text in bold from the beginning        align: "center",         fill: "#ffffff"       });    this.hello.anchor.set(0.5);        this.hello.addFontWeight('normal', 0);        this.hello.addColor('red', 6);    this.hello.addFontWeight('bold', 6);        this.hello.addColor('white', 11);    this.hello.addFontWeight('normal', 11);        this.hello.addColor('blue', 21);    this.hello.addFontStyle('italic', 21);    this.hello.addFontWeight('bold', 21);}

But it is not the best solution hahaha


Thanks in advance  :lol:

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