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Particles explosion then attraction effect, possible?


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Hi there!,


I'm scratching my head about how can i make a common effect in 3d games, what i'm trying to do that one mesh on an event, emits some particles, that first explode (i have that done using simple particles system), but after the explosion instead of disappearing, they should change its target and get attracted/absorbed by another object.


I've seen many times in games where you shoot/kill something and it leaves this "bonus lights around" which then are absorbed by the character, but i am not sure how to implement this with BJS, so any ideas from a BJS hero would be wonderful!!!


Thank you!

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@iiceman you HERO!  thank you for your time, this is a nice road to what i'm looking, I think i can use a Vector3 instead of a mesh as the emitter, and first explode some particles, then move while they turn back to the "absorbing state" move the emitter Vector3 to some other mesh i want to absorb the particles, so it will look like a first explosion with particles, then those particles get absorbed by another mesh.. will try to implement this from your demo very soon (have some work load ATM). Thanks again.

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