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Sprite artifacting when moved with Velocity


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So I'm seeing some sprite artifacting when I move it with velocity:





On the left is the sprite when I move it with something like:

var speed = 4;char.x += speed;

On the right is the sprite when I move it with something like:

char.body.velocity.x = 150;

and you can see two issues:

   1 - general "blurring" of the whole sprite

   2 - some pixels ending up on the opposite side of the sprite 



What I think is happening - 


It looks like with velocity, since it's tied to a 

if (key.isDown)

function, it can land on decimal number like x = 25.56 depending on when the player let go of the key,

and the sprite then arranges itself into the world on X coordinate 25.56, 

it looks like this causes the x/y of the sprite itself to be "messed up".


Any one encounter this and is there a fix other than adding/subtracting whole numbers from the x/y of the character?

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 - images can be blurred if coordinates are not whole numbers,

 - not clear, whether you have sprite atlas, but if images in atlas are close to each other, then WebGL/OpenGL can sometimes take part of neighbouring image (again rounding). Solution is apply padding with 1 free row/column between atlas frames or duplicating first and last row and column of image in atlas (this. is way I do it). Check what sprite is in your atlas on the left of image with artifact - probably some similar pose - so, probably it is not opposite side of current sprite, but reminder of previous.

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thanks for the help guys, I'm going to try Tom Atom's suggestion first before I submit any kind of issue. I find it strange that no one else would have encountered this so it must be something on my end, I actually don't have any padding on my sprite sheet so here's hoping that fixes the issue! 


Edit -


So adding padding fixed my pixel issue and setting char.x,char,y to whole numbers on update also fixed my blur! 

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