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Shape too complex to fill


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First of all, thanks for the great library!


I'm using the WebGLRenderer and I am rendering a number of polygons (actually convex 4-gons) into a single PIXI.Graphics instance. They are adjacent to each other, and I'm receiving the error "Shape too complex to fill" -- unsurprisingly certain polygons aren't getting filled.


If I don't use a lineStyle then the error goes away. Also, if I use a lineStyle but don't connect back to the initial point (for each polygon), again the error goes away, although now I'm missing a line.


Although I haven't tried it, I suspect the problem should also go away if I use multiple PIXI.Graphics instances. However, this will mean a lot of instances (which are also continually changing)... and will probably effect performance (?).

Is there any way around this?


Many thanks,




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I don't think there is anything wrong with the code... I say this because it works fine when I don't use lineStyle.


Anyway, here is the function which draws the polygons.



g = the single PIXI.Graphics instance used to draw all the polygons.

camera = an object I'm using to project 3d points, which take the form this[0], this[1], ... 

render : function(g,camera){		var i, proj;		g.beginFill(0x000000);		//g.lineStyle(0.1, 0xFF0000, 1);		proj = camera.project3d(this[0]);		g.moveTo(proj.x,proj.y);		for(i = 1; i < this.length; i++){			proj = camera.project3d(this[i]);			g.lineTo(proj.x,proj.y);		}		//proj = camera.project3d(this[0]);		//g.lineTo(proj.x,proj.y);		g.endFill();	},

If I uncomment "g.lineStyle(0.1, 0xFF0000, 1);" then I get polygons with red borders on 3 of the 4 sides (as expected).

However, if I also uncomment the other two lines, so that I am completing the polygon, then I sometimes get the error "Shape too complex to fill".


Perhaps this happens because I am drawing many polygons adjacent to each other?




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I include three pictures.

For the first two I am using the WebGLRenderer.


1. I use lineStyle and close each polygon (I get "Shape too complex..." errors):




2. I use lineStyle and I do *not* close each polygon (I get no errors):




Note that one edge of each polygon is not drawn in red.


3. Finally, if I use the CanvasRenderer then I get the best image (and no errors), whether or not I close each polygon.





Thanks a lot for your help.

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Sadly not.


The errors change dependent upon whether antialiasing is on, and even then the lines aren't rendered properly (see the first two diagrams above, I have no control over the red lines).

It might be because I'm using a 2008 Mac, which possibly has dodgy webgl drivers, although I'm reaching here.


Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

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Ah well, maybe I was right.



It seems that in Chrome I need "Override Rendering List" enabled for PIXI to detect WebGL, which means my configuration is unsupported.



I was never seeing any errors with the canvas renderer, so I guess this problem is solved.

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