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Any way to make two 'immovable' objects collide?


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Sorry if this is reposting, but I think the PC crashed on me when I tried to submit the post.


Long story short; I have a character standing on a platform, which is set to be immovable, because otherwise it starts sinking under his weight.


Now, the player is given control of that platform while standing on it, but it should still collide with the wall sprites.


Apparently since both are set to be immovable, they ignore each other, so the platform just enters the wall instead of stopping.


I tried to make the wall non-immovable and make the platform's speed be equal to 0 when touching it, but it didn't work.


If anyone knows of a way to simulate this collision? Failing that, anyone knows of a way to make a platform not sink when a sprite with gravity stands on it, without making it immovable?

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