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THREE.js acsess objects in the scene


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Hey all, im new to three.js and javascript (done some pixi.js work for a gamedev comp once though) but not to 3D as I have worked with XNA.
I have a scene with a obj model and a floor from primitives,
here is my new entity class so far

var tempobj=null;function entity(path) {  this.loader = new THREE.OBJLoader();this.loader.load('chair.obj',function(object){object.position.x=0;object.position.y=10;object.position.z=0;tempobj = object;   scene.add(object);});  }entity.prototype.Move = new function(x,y){  tempobj.position.x+=0.005;}

it worked untill i added the tempobj = object; code, I need a way to acsess and alter the object after it's added to the scene, i tried using she .Name to identify it but that didn't work. current code fires error
"19:53:32.255 TypeError: tempobj is undefined1 game.html:198:2

 Which is the "tempobj.position.x+=0.005; Any help apreciated.

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