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Camera members/attributes ?


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Hi. I've just started playing with babylon.js and one of the things I'm trying to do is set the camera like in Diablo game.

So, I edited one example in playground disabling attachControls, and then seting the event handler for click event, so that on every click camera is moved foward by 1.


My question is: there is no member called position neither on FreeCamera class, nor on Camera, nor on Node. Where is this property then? Position is one of the parameters for contstructor, but I can't see it as a member/property of camera object/class. So why does this work at all? 



Also, is would this be the correct way to implement this type of camera (moving it backwards/foward, right/left as the user will move the mouse to the screen edges).


Edited playground example


Thanks a lot in advance!



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Hi lavokad, welcome to the forum, good to have you with us.

Your click to move cam is working nice.  There have been quite a few experiments with moving cameras and moving mesh... with clicks or mouse-overs.  I have never played Diablo... but if you describe the type of movement you are wanting, we all can help you accomplish it, gladly. Personally, I like WASD keys, and I also like a mouseover system that some us threw together... http://playground.babylonjs.com/#TTLMJ#3

(the four border panels can be made completely invisible, as wanted).

Anyway, hope these things help, and again, please describe what you want, because not all of us know what Diablo cameras are like.  :)  Be well.

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Ok, so, for punishment for your embarrassment, you must promise to tell us about your ideas and projects, and share cool things you discover.  Even share the simple things.  If you are excited over something, anything, then we will be, too.  :)


By the way, I have accumulated over 40 on-forum embarrassments, so, you have some catching-up to do.  ;)


Good to have you with us... I like your personality.   Keep hanging-out with us if you can, and tell us about you, a bit, if you want.  This very-active forum has some great artists, storytellers, experimenters, techies, innovators, and mad scientist goof-balls.  I think you'll fit right in, Lavokad.  :)

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