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Problem wiht add elements to group


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I have a problem with add my elements to gruop. I want to add it because i must cinfigure what will be do after collide element with player.



This is my function where after click on screen can add elements from equipment to the game screen:

 createeq: function(){                 this.eqgroup = this.game.add.group();                       if (typ1==0){        this.cup=this.add.sprite(this.input.activePointer.x + this.camera.x,this.input.activePointer.y + this.camera.y, przedmiotwybrany);        this.cup;                this.eqgroup.add(this.cup);        this.eqgroup.enableBody = true;                }        else{}  },

I want to create group to make collide with player like that:

  update: function() {    //collision    this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.player, this.eqgroup, this.eqitemadd, null, this);   ...

And function after collide:

  eqitemadd: function(){  console.log('add');  },

And there is a problem, when my player collide with element dont do anything.

Anyone can help?


You can see my project on:



Login : test

Pw: test


And them click "graj".


Thanks in advance!


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Ok i have a solution, problem was bacause only the second added element was colliding.


So i must add "this.game.physics.arcade.enable(this.stol);"

createeq: function(){this.eqgroup = this.game.add.group();if (typ1==0){this.cup=this.add.sprite(this.input.activePointer.x + this.camera.x,this.input.activePointer.y + this.camera.y, przedmiotwybrany);this.cup;this.game.physics.arcade.enable(this.stol);this.eqgroup.add(this.cup);this.eqgroup.enableBody = true;}else{}},
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