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General question regarding PIXI and it's uses


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to take my next step using the PIXI framework and gain a better understanding of what is it's uses as a render engine.


Is the following threejs based project something that is feasible using the framework?



I don't necessarily want to recreate this or anything like it ( or could if I did want to anyway : [  ).  I'm just trying to figure out what parts of the API I should be exploring to create interesting 'organic' outputs.


Maybe this isn't really the type of thing PIXI is meant to be used for which is ok.  I'm  essentially trying to understand the character of the framework.


So... what parts of the API would anyone recommend if someone wanted to experiment like this?  Is it RenderTextures ?  Something else ?  


Some advanced ninja PIXI advise is very welcome.


Thanks in advance


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