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At the request of  Wingnut I am officially introducing myself. 

My name is Clint. I have been a programmer for about 8 years and been trying to get into the indie game industry for right at 1 year. I started with Phaser and love/loved it but needed something else for 3d development.
I started Aletheia Game Studios where I teach kids how to make video games. I've found that even though I just basically started myself teaching people drives me to learn faster.




I'm building a modular game engine on top of babylonjs call A3D. It is designed for my students (ages 8-16) for them to be able to make a scene in blender and then export it, and then only have to modify a small configuration file and have a game ready based on the chosen game type (scroller, adventure, platformer, fps etc). I did have to modify the exporter a little bit but otherwise I keep babylonjs vanilla. My engine just wraps around it sorta... and it is very, very much in it's infancy, and I am hesitant to share he github with it being so young but here it is. (Poorly commented and no documentation and ultra buggy so please don't try to use it unless you are just a glutton for punishment) :


and the modules:


I'm basically building as I'm teaching. 

I'm also entering gamedev.net's game competition next week with 2 of my older students (15 and 16). They have been in game development for right at 6 months. I'll post updates to this thread if anybody is interested on how it goes.

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