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ResourceLoader / Loader, Json Texture and progress value

Mathieu Anthoine

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I have started to work with the new pixi 3 Loader.

It is really great and with the "before" and "after" methods, you can easily do what you want without creating a custom Loader Manager, thank you :)


I have a question about the progress value.

In the list of files I download, there's a json file that describes a Texture and that is linked to a png file. The Loader detects it, download the png and at the end triggers the complete event but the progress value doesn't end with a value of 100.


Did I missed something ?


Thank for your help.

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That is a bug, but its strange because I have a unit test specifically for this situation that tests that:


I think this is happening due to some rounding issues though, which I have been discussing here:


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Adding files during the loading (with middleware) has the same effect.

It seems that the _progressChunk  returns a wrong result after adding new files to load.

I feel like that isn't true, because the test cases that check those very things are passing. I think the problem is simply a rounding issue.

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