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Problem with loading asset in Pixi.js


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I can't seem to load a sprite without having exceptions. I had my Sprite getting exceptions since it is receiving undefine. One thing for sure this exist because it receives a texture which most probably cannot be located.

I did the simple loading of texture in a separate js file like this. I am not fluent in JS by the way.


function SpaceShip(filename){	this.mSpriteFile = filename;	this.mFireRate = 0.25;		this.mCollisionRadius = 42.0;	this.mIsMarkedDestroyed;		this.mPixelPosition = {x : 0 , y : 0};		this.mOnPixelPositionChanged = function(lastPosition , newPosition)	{		//	}		this.mTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage(filename);		this.mSprite = PIXI.Sprite(this.mTexture);	this.mSprite.anchor.x = 0.5;	this.mSprite.anchor.y = 0.5;}

Here is how my directory looks like


|    - spaceship.jpg <--- Asset I wanted to load


|    - Entities.class.js


|    -pixi.js 



I don't know what causing the sprite to receive an exception stating it cannot define 'anchor'. On debugger this.mSprite is undefine.

I assume this is because the texture wasn't there in the first place. I also check the state of mTexture and found out the width and the height of the loaded texture is 0. I pretty sure none was loaded which lead me to believe it can't access the folder from another.

Any ideas?



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@bubamara I've been fixing this for three hours >_> Thank you very much!

But I changed my code since and I still get a black screen.


<!DOCTYPE HTML><html>	<head>		<title>Exercise 1</title>		<script src="core/pixi.js"></script>		<script src="src/example/Person.class.js"></script>		<script src="src/Entities.class.js"></script>	</head>		<body>		<script>								var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(800 , 600, {backgroundColor : 0x000000});			document.body.appendChild(renderer.view);							var startingStage = new PIXI.Container();						var spaceshipTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage('_assets/textures/spaceship.png');			var enemyshipTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage('_assets/textures/enemyship.png');						var spaceshipSprite  = new PIXI.Sprite(spaceshipTexture);			var enemyshipSprite  = new PIXI.Sprite(enemyshipSprite);						var spaceship = new SpaceShip(spaceshipSprite);			spaceship.setPixelPosition({x : 400 , y : 300});						startingStage.addChild(spaceship.getSprite());							animate();							function animate()			{				//spaceship.getSprite().rotation += 0.1;				renderer.render(startingStage);			}						</script>	</body>	</html>



function SpaceShip(sprite){	this.mSprite = sprite;	this.mFireRate = 0.25;	this.mCollisionRadius = 42.0;	this.mIsMarkedDestroyed;		this.mPixelPosition = {x : 0 , y : 0};		this.mOnPixelPositionChanged = function(lastPosition , newPosition)	{		//	}}SpaceShip.prototype.markDestroyed = function(){	this.mIsMarkedDestroyed = true;}SpaceShip.prototype.isMarkedDestroyed = function(){	return this.mIsMarkedDestroyed;}SpaceShip.prototype.setOnPositionChanged = function(callback){	this.mOnPixelPositionChanged = callback;}SpaceShip.prototype.setPixelPosition = function (position){	var previousPosition = this.mPixelPosition;		this.mPixelPosition.x = position.x;	this.mPixelPosition.y = position.y;		this.mOnPixelPositionChanged(previousPosition , this.mPixelPosition);			this.mSprite.position = this.mPixelPosition.x;	this.mSprite.position = this.mPixelPosition.y;}SpaceShip.prototype.getSprite = function(){	return this.mSprite;}
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