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Camera Shaking Plugin for your use


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The question of how to shake the camera in action games has come up a few times. I wanted to learn how to create plugins for Phaser, so I made a camera shaking plugin.


You can see it in action here


You can find the code here



Modes allowed:


shake up and down 

shake left to right

shake both up/down, left/right with a fixed amplitude

shake both up/down, left/right with a random amplitude (up to +/- a maximum)



You can also combine increasing or decreasing amplitude with the above camera shaking modes.



This is free for you to use, abuse, or modify at your whim. Let me know what you think

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Here's mine:

'use strict';function ScreenShake(game, parent) {  Phaser.Plugin.call(this, game, parent);  this.game.shaker = this;  this.shaking = false;  this.shakeDurationMs = 0;  this.shakeStrength = 0;}ScreenShake.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Plugin.prototype);ScreenShake.prototype.constructor = ScreenShake;ScreenShake.prototype.update = function() {  if (this.shaking) {    this.shakeDurationMs = Math.max(0, this.shakeDurationMs - this.game.time.physicsElapsedMS);    if (this.deltaX) {      this.game.camera.x -= this.deltaX;    }    if (this.deltaY) {      this.game.camera.y -= this.deltaY;    }    this.deltaX = this.game.rnd.integerInRange(-this.shakeStrength, this.shakeStrength);    this.deltaY = this.game.rnd.integerInRange(-this.shakeStrength, this.shakeStrength);    this.game.camera.x += this.deltaX;    this.game.camera.y += this.deltaY;    if (this.shakeDurationMs == 0) {      this.shaking = false;      // Reset the world and camera bounds.      this.game.world.setBounds(this.boundsCache.x, this.boundsCache.y, this.boundsCache.width, this.boundsCache.height);    }  }};ScreenShake.prototype.start = function(durationMs, strength) {  this.shaking = true;  this.shakeDurationMs = durationMs || 2000;  this.shakeStrength = strength || 5;  this.boundsCache = Phaser.Utils.extend(false, {}, this.game.world.bounds);  this.game.world.setBounds(    this.boundsCache.x - this.shakeStrength, this.boundsCache.y - this.shakeStrength,    this.boundsCache.width + this.shakeStrength, this.boundsCache.height + this.shakeStrength);};module.exports = ScreenShake;

It's built using CommonJS (hence the module.exports). One thing I really like about it is it keeps the shake centered on where the camera is supposed to be instead of drifting away over time. It also changes world bounds to accommodate the shake, if needed.


I'll be writing tutorials soon. :)

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