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Screen transition effects?


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Is it possible in Pixi.js to have a screen transition effect like simple fade in and fade out? I need this for some kind of exercise I am doing. I was able to do this on Cocos2dx and wanted to try the same thing with Pixi.js.

Is it possible? If so how? Can you show me some samples? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Pixi doesn't have a built-in tween library, but you can easily pick one up (or write a simple only yourself) that will do it for you. There are properties to modify alpha (transparency) so if you just tween those between whatever values you want, you can get the effect you are looking for.

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Wow, I was astound it is not even included. May I ask why? Its kind of strange, does Phaser have out of the box?


Because Pixi.js is a rendering library, and tweening has nothing to do with rendering :)


Phaser does have one out of the box, it is a game framework and tweening is an important concept in games.

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I see thank you. Alright, that what pixi.js does. Rendering. But I was able to do screen transition though, but no effects. But I am having crashes when I transition between screens with interactive objects.There was an issue filed on the github page, but the issue is not moving forward so far.

Maybe I should use Phaser.js on my next exercises. 

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