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Building a game without sprites


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I just started out with Phaser and am trying to build a little "mouse shoot on targets" game.

Those targets are just Phaser.Circle objects and i have drawn them on the canvas with graphics on the same place.

The problem:

since those circle objects aren't display objects (i.e. sprites) i can't add them to groups. which makes it harder for me to put mouse click handlers on them. 

basically everything i do feels like a huge workaround without sprites. 

Initially i didn't want to use sprites, because of the missing textures. i just wanted them to draw in a plain color. 


I saw this game http://phaser.io/news/2015/08/zero

which looks like it doesn't use sprites either. rather geometry objects.

am i wrong? 


do i have to have a texture for a sprite?

is it insanely stupid to avoid sprites for my kind of game?

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Woah, is that sixteen colors from the Create class the exact same sixteen I'm using for my game? Is this palette more popular than I thought?


That's awesome, now I can just easily add an emblem creator and have it match the colors I'm using.


Arne's 16 colour palette is pretty popular with pixel artists, yes.

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