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Game Object Manipulator in 3DView


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Hi guys,

I would like to implement an object manipulators for scale, position, rotation similar to software such as Unity, 3DMax, Maya, etc. 

The issue here is the manipulators need keep same scale on canvas but rotation and position must works. Nice example is when you moving your object far away, the manipulator stays in same size so its easy to pick it up. 

Is anyone have a suggestion how it could be implemented?

Thank you :)

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Thanks for replay @dad72. Unfortunately your editor have some issues. I cant add any object. However I read your code, but I'am not sure which function keep manipulator in same size when I zoom out/in with camera. Any clue?


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The editor works online. it can not function by downloading by the deposit. The deposit is for contributors to add code/functionnality, not for create projects. The editor must be used by the site after registration. The online editor is Beta testing, so it has some bugs that are being corrected gradually. Feel free to let me report the problems please.


Currently the gizmo increases in size when you zoom back. this is a part that can be deleted if necessary.


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