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Performance on a simple test iPad 4 is about 1 f.p.s.


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I made a test of concept demo which gave me an ok frame rate on my laptop... not sure what it is but quite acceptable ... maybe 30 f.p.s. something like that. 


It has 12 spheres and 102 cylinders all standard babylon meshes.


When I run it on an iPad 4, it does about 1 frame per second on either Chrome or Safari.


Is this expected performance on iPad?


I see some webGL demos on iPad 4 that look like they have an ok framerate.


Thanks very much for help.

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I've had the issue, and fixed it by reducing the amount of vertices of each mesh and merging mesh, also, changing the hardware scaling level helps a lot (and the iPad doesn't seem to play well with big textures, be sure to run a scene optimizer in order to reduce the textures resolutions). If you need help on how to set up your own sceneOptimizer, either go read the tutorial or ask me, I would be more than happy to make a playground to show it.  ;)

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