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  1. Hello friends! I am extremely new to the HTML5 game dev scene and I would love a little bit of extra guidance. I've tried to google my way through but it's hard to research something that you're.. not even sure what you're researching? So far I've successfully created my 2D game in Unity and now I'm trying to figure out how to get it from Unity onto a website for testing. I built it as an WebGL and tried uploading the .zip to WordPress using this plugin here. I followed the very short tutorial but I got a 404 error within my site when I attempted to test play. I assume this is because Wo
  2. So, I am trying to make a room, lit up with some lights. I use blender v2.77a on GNU/linux, blenderexporter 4.4.4 and I am testing the result in the babylonJS sandbox online. l the walls have the same purple material, the floor has a gray material and the two boxes have a red solid material. The light is a spot light, under a certain angle, and a larger size, the light values are otherwise unchanged from default. You can see the the issue in the attached files, the babylonresult.jpg looks crazy compared to what blender "previews". The middle wall is lit on both sides, even t
  3. Hi guys, Today I want to try make some simple game with Phaser, but I stuck at the beginning. I can't set background image, also there is no tutorial or examples about basics. I have a code like this: http://jsbin.com/solerulu/5/edit And I don't have any idea why it's not working. In firebug I see background.png is loaded but nothing happends. I see black rectangle only. Could soimeone help me?
  4. Hello to everybody, I am new here and I want to ask you some suggestions to begin this adventure with Phaser. I have realized some games with software like Click&Create or Multimedia Fusion, and last I'm studing Stencyl. I believed to have acquired a minimum of logic in "how to program" but I don't know no computer languagge (example Javascript). Now I wonder me if to program with Phaser I must learn rally 100% Javascript. What I must learn to use Phaser? Is the learning curve short or long? What do you suggestions feel to give me to begin this adventure in the Phaser world? Thank y
  5. I'm just starting to learn PandaJS and I need to make a drawing game, where the top section has some controls to choose the type of figure, color, etc, and the bottom section is the drawing area (I attached a quick mockup) I've implemented some interaction with Pixi Graphics to draw the figures but in this moment everything is mixed into a single section, and the drawing starts just where I click the button to choose a figure. I want to be able to click any control from the top section and then start drawing when I click the bottom section. I've tried with containers but I don't really un
  6. Hi I'm a completely noob when it comes to Javascript and Phaser so I imagine my question is a pretty simple one. I've completed the 'make your first game' tutorial from the Phaser website. I wanted to have a mess about adding some extra elements to it as it suggests at the end of the tutorial. So I've successfully managed to add the 'baddie' sprite into the game and make it move right. However, for some reason it's showing all four frames of the sprite sheet rather than the ones allocated to the 'right' animation. Also I'm wanting it to move along the floor from right to left. So a
  7. Hi All, TLDR: i really just want a javascript sprite rendering engine, is Phaser right for me and/or with 3.0 will i be able to just use that part of the engine? I am about half way through my first phaser game and am loving it. Because of the nature of the game, i am using very little of the engine. All I am currently using the engine for is input buttons and sprite rendering. No physics, movement, world updates etc... I am using all my own code for doing movement, collision, updates, etc.. In the current phaser version, i am starting to see some slowdown on mobile b
  8. Hi there! Newbie to phaser. I seem to have some issues with my code. For some reason, the hitEnemy function never seems to run when my bullets (from weapon group) hit an enemy. Here's the code. I've removed parts that don't matter. I'd love if you could find out what happened and why.. and also how to fix it.
  9. From what i see in the debug layer, there is ALWAYS a bounding box around meshes. I assume this is the bounding box used for camera collisions against the camera.ellipsoid. My question is, If this is the case then how come ALL meshes wouldn't automatically have a 'SIMPLE' collision box WHY would you need to create a simplified mesh for collisions if every mesh automatically get a very simple bounding box. Now i use a separate simplified mesh for terrains, so i understand the collision system being impacted by the detail of the terrain mesh. I even have support (in my BabylonJS Tool
  10. Hi, I'm new to Pixi.js and I'm trying to make a simple scene, in RPGMaker Style (with different tiles on the ground to draw the scene). I coded a little app that simply creates all the needed sprites, adds them to a Container (or ParticleContainer, tested both), adds the whole container to the scene, and manages a few keyboard inputs. The result is highly laggy... What am I doing wrong? I would happily look for other ways to do this but I think I'm doing what guides show, so I don't get it. Here is the code : http://pastebin.com/C9UUK8nL Thanks !
  11. I created a little library which sets up all the minimal stuff I need to create a PIXI screen and "game loop". I am heavily relying to this in each of my projects. You just need to incorporate jQuery [edit: jQuery not needed anymore in v0.3], pixi and RUNPIXI (in that order), create a div or something with a given size and an id, and then call: <script> function myloop() {} // do your looping stuff here RUNPIXI.initialize("mypixidiv", myloop); // [edit] removed jQuerys # selector. </script> ..and that's it. I think this could be usefull for everyone who is new
  12. Hi Guys, I have been battling with this for some time now. I'm kinda newbie with phaser too. Currently I'm trying to build a football game where the player adds the ball (both are sprites) to his own sprite and moves around with it until is moment to "kick" the ball, sending it in any direction. My problem is that I can't seem to be able to release the ball once its been attached. I tried "moveToXY" or "AccellerateToXY" but nothing seems to be doing it. I also tried bypassing the collision "attach" behavior as it seems that it may be a problem but I dont think that is the proble
  13. Hi Guys, I was unable to find an answer to this on the forum, but please direct me there if I'm wrong. I'm building a football game in Phaser. I'm also a bit of a newbie. I need a way to bind the Ball sprite to the Player sprite when they collide. I looked into making them into separate groups and moving the ball to the player's group and thats all good but the ball will keep moving. What I'm looking is for the ball to become part of the player sprite so it looks like the player is carrying the ball from then on (eventually pass, strike etc..). Does this make sense? I
  14. Hey everyone, i am new in this forum and also new to HTML5 games industry, i posting this here cause i was kinda lost in this forum and google researches, what really made me lost are articles and posts on forums which are out of dated, and things probably changed since then. i am a game developper since a while now and i have already made several cool games using game engines , which export to HTML of course after some code adjusting, and now i want to know how can i find offers or who to contact to publish my games on revenu sharing websites, or maybe even sell a non-exclusive version to
  15. Hello, i got a some questions, about a Phaser, i was just looking at example code, and it look like Phaser is very nice to learn,also it let you make a interesing games. To learn Phaser i need any special requiments? Ik some html,css, javascript with jquery libary. I won't call myself a medium or expert, but i got a basic of procedural and objective programing. Is that enought to learn Phaser? Also can i make a native android games using Phaser (i mean, add it to google shop and pepole can install it), can i also make a native Windows/linux Desktop app? Also i worry about learning Phaser now,
  16. Hi All, I just started using PIXI a few days ago, it's a great tool and i've been having fun with it. I'm working on a little game (www.evade.mx) but it seems that with mobile browser (Chrome on android) the game simply doesn't work, before knowing PIXI, I was using Canvas without any other framework and the game ran well. I'm pretty sure there is something simple that i don't know of yet. Could you help me with some suggestions about what to check? Thanks in advance.
  17. I would really like to make my first game but, sadly I haven't a clue as to how to start with coding. I know a little bit about HTML5 Website coding but idk if that will apply to game coding at all. Also, seeing that it's my first game I'd also like to try not to spend any money on this project yet. About my Game: I figured that I should give some details as to what my idea for my first game is so that you guys can kinda base all advice off of that. • It's going to be a music game with a piano. • In the beginning you'll be given a chart that shows you how to read music and what notes corre
  18. Hi everyone. I am a newbie in phaser and in english I am making a tower defense game,and i need to make 2 different layers. One for the background and one for the sprites. How do I make that? Thanks
  19. Hello guys I am a flash game developer and want to make some html 5 games for web and mobile for fun While searching for html 5 game engines I found panda.js I think this is a perfect game engine for me but I don't seem to find any tutorial aimed towards complete beginner which tells how to set up the project and how to start things. I know javascript but I don't know how to use it with this engine. Please anyone if you know about any beginner tutorial please tell me ! Please! I really like this engine ( I love pandas ) Cheers, crayonHero
  20. The example at the link below breaks the office iPad 4... there's an animation rotating the camera and after rotating through about 90 degrees the page freezes. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#L1EXZ#17 It is a cut down sample based on the standard "Environment" sample on the playground. I've put in the animation so that the user "doesn't have to do anything" to see the problem, but actually to break this on iPad4 the animation isn't needed... Take the animation out and just rotate the camera around (by dragging with your finger on the iPad) and the page freezes pretty soon just wi
  21. I made a test of concept demo which gave me an ok frame rate on my laptop... not sure what it is but quite acceptable ... maybe 30 f.p.s. something like that. It has 12 spheres and 102 cylinders all standard babylon meshes. When I run it on an iPad 4, it does about 1 frame per second on either Chrome or Safari. Is this expected performance on iPad? I see some webGL demos on iPad 4 that look like they have an ok framerate. Thanks very much for help.
  22. I'm doing this: var assets = [];var loader = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene);var toLoad = [ {ltype: "m", name : "lilly", src : "assets/507601_Lilly.mp3" } ]; toLoad.forEach(function(obj) { if (obj.ltype=="m") { var binaryTask = loader.addBinaryFileTask(obj.name, obj.src); binaryTask.onSuccess = function (task) { music = new BABYLON.Sound("lilly", task.data, scene, function () { // Sound has been downloaded & decoded music.setVolume(0.1); music.play(); }, { loop: true }); }}and then this: loader.onFinish = function() { // call the createScene functio
  23. Hi Guys, I am new here and HTML apps. I want to create HTML games using phaser on my Android device. How can I do it ? Regards, Sankarshan
  24. I am very much new to Phaser and Game Development in general and I had a quick questions about player controls through multiple states. I recently made a small "game" that had a player walking through different levels that I created using different states. But I just copied and pasted the code for movement in the update function for each different state. I assume there is a better way to do this, maybe in a separate function somewhere, but where? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hey everyone! This is my first post in these forums. I'm partially new to HTML5. Now you can start spamming me with recommendations on how to learn and operate! I have made mini Flash games in the past, together they sum more than 2 million views worldwide, which is a fair figure, although not very high. I have been waiting for HTML5 to catch up and now I feel that this technology mix known as HTML5 is starting to take off. People can finally play free games on their mobile phones!! I know AS very well, I also know HTML, CSS, because I've been creating websites since I started working, a
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