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3DS Max eport skipping meshes


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Hi Guys,


Been hunting around for a solution but have failed.


Im trying to export a model from 3ds Max(2016) which has about 200 meshes.


But even just doing 10 at a time, when I use the exporter, only say 6 will be exported. If I select 6 only 4 get exported...


I suspect Ive missed something, but ive been stuck on this for some time now.


I had gotten around it by exporting to FBX to blender, but that was giving me other issues wtih textures&animations.




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Sorry no can do on the .max. NDA's etc.


I did manage to figure it out however. It was skipping/ignoring instanced/referenced objects... So I went through the scene and made clones of all instanced objects and then they exported ! yay..

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