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Hi guys,


I am a new member to this community and entirely new to HTML5 game development. I came across Pandajs on my search for a viable 2D game engine with which I can pick up and excel my skills in HTML5 game development. Thanks to enpu for making this game engine!


The below links and examples from github helped me to overcome issues during my initial stages of development. Like adding Sprite, Animations and Containers and also creating Modules and Classes. Even though I was able to achieve these, there are these couple of concepts which I am still unclear of and need help from someone to completely understand. I searched through the forums and also blogs to get some idea, but got lost. Finally I decided to post it here.


What I would like to understand is 


1. The structure of the game engine. The classification of game.module(), .body(function(){}), game.createScene() and others in it.

2. The relation of game.scene, this.body, shape, world and so on. Is it necessary to have all of these? If so, why?

3. If there is difference between game engine version 1 & 2 with regards to the structure?


I would be very happy and thankful if someone can help me clear these doubts. Let me know as to where I can find/read the basics of HTML5 game devleopment, especially on Pandajs. Sorry to ask these questions if it has already been answered in this forum.


Links I went through

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Hi Ipdev


I would definitely recommend using 2.0. As far as I'm concerned, it is stable and only new features are being added.


If you use 1.x, you will have to make a lot of syntax changes later.


1. I think of modules like scenes (which is what they can be used for), but they can do other things too, such as hold a bunch of classes that you can call from other modules etc.


2. Unless you're using physics, you don't need the above. If you are, then you need to use them because they setup the physics world.


3. There are quite a few differences and I would go straight to 2.0. You will find a lot of info in the 2.0 thread.


Starting next week I will be updating my tutorials to 2.0 and adding new content weekly (Panda tips, tricks and tuts).


Hope this helps a little :)

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