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PixiJS Text Custom Font


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Hi all,


I was wondering if it was possible to use custom fonts in the PixiJS Text Constructor? I know that it is possible to use BitmapText but when scaling these Bitmap Fonts down I'm getting issues where the text looks quite jagged. This may not be possible but I wanted to check I wasn't doing something stupid before going down the BitmapText route.


I've created a Fiddle of this issue (link) - please let me know if you spot anything obvious.





Quick update: 


After looking online - I've noticed that it's predominantly because the fonts haven't successfully loaded before trying to create a Text Element in Pixi. The only way that seems to consistently load the font in time is by using a Font Loader (link to TypeKit). I was wondering if anyone knows of any other workaround that doesn't require another library to be used? As I say, using BitmapText becomes jagged when I need to change the scale.

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