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Applying a Material with Texture to a Mesh imported from Blender


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Hi everyone,


This looks pretty simple to do, but i'm badly stuck.


I'd like to apply a texture to a cube imported from Blender.

But i get a colored cube without the texture effect.


Below is a link to my playground code

(1 cube is from Blender, 1 other cube is created with BabylonJS)


I can't figure out why the same material doesn't have the same rendering.

Are those two cubes different kind of mesh object ?




Playground link :


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I've just upgraded to "io_export_babylon.py" version 3.0.4 (was using 1.8.2 until now), using Blender 2.75


The rendering now looks different on the cube imported from Blender (texture still doesn't show up though).




Playground update :




Cube export log : 

        Exporter version: 3.0.4, Blender version: 2.75 (sub 0)========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js =========        Python World class constructor completed        processing begun of mesh:  Cube                processing begun of Standard material:  Material                num positions      :  36                num normals        :  36                num uvs            :  0                num uvs2           :  0                num colors         :  0                num indices        :  36        processing begun of camera (FreeCamera):  Camera        processing begun of light (POINT):  Lamp========= Writing of scene file started ================== Writing of scene file completed ================== end of processing =========elapsed time:  0 min, 0.0022 secs
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Hi yoric. Just a couple of thoughts which may or may not help.


I looked at the playground demo - the blender cube is green. If I REM out line 29 of your playground script the Blender cube is grey (Blender standard material?).


That suggests that the cube is getting its green colour from the grass texture.


However, when I look at your babylon file there are no UVs , and log file you post above has "num uvs : 0"


So, I am thinking that the grass texture is just being smeared over the cube.


Just my thoughts.


cheers, gryff :)




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Try this Yoric:


1. In Blender select your cube object -> go into Edit Mode -> Select all the vertices.

2. Still in edit mode -> Mesh -> UV Unwrap ->Unwrap.

3. Now export your cube as Babylon file. This new .babylon file should now have a line:


cheers, gryff :)


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Amazing  Gryff !

i couldn't believe it, but it works like a charm  :)
Before reading your last answer, i was doing the UV Mapping / Unwrapping from Blender like this :
So I was getting the cube textured from within Blender, and i could then open it from BabylonJS, giving this kind of result :
But as you guessed, i wanted to apply the texture from BabylonJS, not from Blender.
It's getting a bit more clear to me now...
I suppose things work like this :
With using BabylonJS only :
  1. You create a mesh from BabylonJS
  2. You apply a material with diffuseTexture() to this mesh
With using Blender :
  1. You create a mesh from Blender
  2. You UV -> Unwrap it from Blender
  3. You import it from BabylonJS
  4. You now can apply a material with diffuseTexture() and get the same result
I thought creating a cube from BabylonJS or creating it from Blender and then importing it from BabylonJS was the same.
But obviously, it is not.
Maybe it means BabylonJS creates the UV's array under the hood when creating a mesh object.
Thank you so much again for your help Gryff !
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