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Do I have to pay to use sprite sheets in pixi.js?


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Am I missing something?

New guy on the block here, and I'm trying to learn to use sprite sheets with pixi.js


When it comes to sprite sheets, It seems like Pixi is pretty tight with Texture Packer.

In fact, I haven't been able to find any up-to-date info on using Pixi without Texture Packer.

This is important to me because I am trying to learn more than just pixi.js, but 2d animation in general,

and I'm broke  :lol:


Anyhow, I did download Texture Packer, was warned about the trial (after which I'll have to pay(!)?), and went to 

publish my first sprite sheet, when I was greeted by this -

implying that the free version ofTexture Packer does not support pixi.js...




...hence, my questions:


-Will I have to pay for Texture Packer to use sprite sheets in pixi.js?


-Assuming there is a workaround for this, once my trial is over, will I then have to pay to continue using sprite sheets in pixi.js?


-Are there any other ways to work with sprite sheets in pixi.js, and which are most supported?


-Does pixi.js have future plans of supporting any other technologies for use with sprite sheets?

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Pixi isn't tied to Texture Packer, it's just that nearly everyone uses it because it's just so damn good, it pays for itself in a pretty much the first project you ever use it for.


All you need is atlas software that exports in a JSON format - Shoebox does this for example and is totally free. I've also see online web based packers too. Just have a search around - all it needs do is export as JSON, there is no "Pixi" format as it were. When you pick Pixi from within Texture Packer it just exports as JSON anyway. The icon is just a feature to make it clearer for devs, but the actual end result is no different.

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