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Multi-material id animated in 3ds max


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Hi all


I have a computer model in 3ds max, with the screen having a material id of 1. After 30 frames this swaps to material id 2, then 3 and so on.

Creates a slideshow effect on the computer screen.


All well and good, but I see this is not exported to babylonjs and thus I'd say not supported.


My assumption for replicating this, is to swap out the texture map on the submesh in babylonjs??


How would I achieve this.  I have the 3 screens as jpg's and also can see the submeseh in the babylon mesh object.

I can also see all 4 of the sub materials are exported.


My feeble attempt was something along the lines of

mesh.subMeshes[0].diffuseTexture = mesh.material.subMaterials[3];

I had a look at multisub objects and this, but I couldn't make light of it for my needs.

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