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Dynamic texture for shaders


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Hi there , how could I load picture to shaders like 


pic1 : www.abc.com/pic1.jpg,

pic2 : www.abc.com/pic2.jpg,

pic3 : www.abc.com/pic3.jpg



so then I can use 


uniform sampler2D pic1;

uniform sampler2D pic2;

uniform sampler2D pic3;


vec3 color1 = texture2D(pic1, vUV).rgb;

vec3 color2 = texture2D(pic3, vUV).rgb;

vec3 color3 = texture2D(pic3, vUV).rgb;




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In this way.

var amigaMaterial = new BABYLON.ShaderMaterial("amiga", scene, {}, {});   amigaMaterial.setTexture("pic1", new BABYLON.Texture(" www.abc.com/pic1.jpg", scene));amigaMaterial.setTexture("pic2", new BABYLON.Texture(" www.abc.com/pic2.jpg", scene));amigaMaterial.setTexture("pic3", new BABYLON.Texture(" www.abc.com/pic3.jpg", scene));
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Hi bulisor,


Would it be possible as was suggested in the title of this post to have a funtional dynamic texture as one of these MultiMaterials - where all 3 textures cover (are mapped to) and are rendered to the entire UV surface of an object?  My specific need at this time is to draw on top of an existing image file using a dynamic texture. I've built an an app which draws directly on objects, however, I'm unable to display an image file (texture) on the object and use this function to draw on the object and on top of the image file.  I've only tried using MultiMaterials thus far, as this is what I'm familiar with, and hoped this would work using MultiMaterials and a dynamic textured pushed as one of the materials.  However, I'm unfamiliar with the setTexture function.


Thanks for any assistance you might provide.


Cheers.  :)



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