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Using Facebook for highscores


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Yeah, it should be no prob doing that. I did something similar with a game I made in Unity a few years ago. Here's a post I made on it, http://blog.sokay.net/2013/08/25/facebook-high-scores-in-unity-with-prime31-plugins/ .


I think the first few steps would be the same. Set up your app and whatnot. FB has a javascript API that you should be able to use to make calls to the FB api. I'm not sure if there are any kinds of limitations with the Javascript API since I could imagine there might be security issues with making calls from different domains but you can look into it!


Once your user is autheticated by logging into their FB acct, you can save a score for the game. And you can pull up that score for all of their friends. When I used it, you couldn't have multiple high score lists (like level 1, level 2, etc.). But I'm not sure if they've improved on that since then.


Good luck!

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what i did for my game, was to integrate facebook high scores into the end part of the game, immediately when the hero loses. That way, I get to save on API calls, as well as make a more efficient application.


Per my experience, there's no need for the app to be a FB canvas game. Any FB app will work with the highscore api.

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