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3rd person movement, how to?


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I'm trying to make this super simple demo, in wich I have a charecter and want to control it in 3rd person view.

The first thing that came to my mind was this:

if (up_arrow)    position.z += some_valueif (left_arrow)    position.x += some_value(...)

Of course, this doesn't work as I want. I need to turn to left and right, and only move in the Z+ of my character.

This is my problem. How do I move in the direction it's facing?



I think I found a solution:


This is the "Car game" from the Babylon website.

I look through the code, by i'm not grasping the idea...

Any help would be thankful :)


Thanks a lot!

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Thank you for your answer, I even played the game for quite a bit :)
I played a similar game on my Android phone :)


Well, my objective is not that. In your example, the ship goes always in the world z+ during the game.

what I want is the movement like Grand Theft Auto (the only that comes to my mind right now).


Anyway, I'm giving a look at your other tutorials :)


Thanks again!

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Hi all, thank you for your replies.

I managed do to what I was looking for.


In the player update function I have this (pseudo, because my code is a little messed up now):

player.update = function(){	if(game.keyboard.A) {		player.mesh.rotation.y -= 0.05;	}	if(game.keyboard.W) {		player.isAccelerating = true;		player.speed += 0.1;	} else {		game.player.isAccelerating = false;	}	if(game.keyboard.D) {		player.mesh.rotation.y += 0.05;	}			player.mesh.position.z -= Math.cos(player.mesh.rotation.y) * player.speed;	player.mesh.position.x -= Math.sin(player.mesh.rotation.y) * player.speed;		cameraPosition.x = player.mesh.position.x;	cameraPosition.z = player.mesh.position.z;}

I achieved it looking through the code of that Car Game example.

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