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Exporting from blender within a script?


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I am trying to call the blender exporter addon from within another script in blender. The idea is that, when someone saves the blender file, a .babylon file is also created, alongside the .blend file. 


Within blender, I can add a function to the post_save array, which will be called after every save.

def save_handler(dummy):    scene = bpy.context.scene    // Trying to export the babylon file here    bpy.ops.scene.babylon()bpy.app.handlers.save_post.append(save_handler)

But bpy.ops.scene.babylon() doesn't seem to work. I'm just unsure of how to call the export function for babylon in other scripts etc... I have got as far as adding an 'Autosave' setting to the babylonjs settings panel, but cannot run the export script within the save_post function.


Any pointers on how to get this going? I hate having to manually export the babylon file from blender each time I make changes to a file, and I thought that automatically exporting on each save would be a nice feature to the addon. Will hopefully submit a pull request if I get a decent solution.

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