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Not Having Much Luck With the 'hellophaser' Tutorial :(


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Hi folks, 

Really embarrassed to post this - I'm looking forward to getting into Phaser, but I'm not having much luck with the 'hellophaser' tutorial.  When navigating to localhost/hellophaser or, all I get is "This webpage is not available".


If I navigate to localhost, I get exactly the same error, and if double-clicking on the index file I see a black area with a green box and diagonal line across.


I've placed the hellophaser directory in the www directory which is provided by WAMP, so in effect it is 'C:\wamp\www\hellophaser'


The only other thing of note I see is that the status of WAMP is 'server Offline' - I assumed this was only if I was doing something that wasn't local.


I have this error when attempting in Chrome and Firefox.


Any suggestions would be great!

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