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get Element of a object BOX2D


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Hello, I can create a element ('body') and add different elements, for example:


this.myBody = new Phaser.Physics.Box2D.Body(this.game, null, this.rolyCenter.x, this.rolyCenter.y);


and this element add many elements:


this.myBody.addRectangle(2, 10, 200 * Math.cos(angle)200 * Math.sin(angle), angle);

this.myBody.addRectangle(2, 10200 * Math.cos(angle)200 * Math.sin(angle), angle);

this.myBody.addRectangle(210200 * Math.cos(angle)200 * Math.sin(angle)angle);


I need know:


1 - can I add a 'Id' to the elements added to this.myBody?

2 - if 'x' element did collision with some object of my Body, How get the object that did collision with this.myBody?

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