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[v2.2] Actions Builder for 3ds Max


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Hello to community ! :)


It's time to present you the Actions Builder that is a part of the 3ds Max plugin (and soon available in the Sandbox).

The Actions Builder is an initiative of the Babylon.js team to help 3ds Max artists to create actions on their meshes without any line of code.


Installing the Actions Builder

The Actions Builder is a folder named "BabylonActionsBuilder" located in the same folder as the Babylon.js 3ds Max plugin (typically "C:\Program files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\bin\assemblies\").


The "BabylonActionsBuilder" folder must contain:

- "fonts" folder

- actionsbuilder.max.js

- babylon.max.js

- fonts.css

- index.css

- index.html

- raphael.js


Using the Actions Builder

The way to work with is simple:

- Select a mesh in 3ds Max

- Right click on it

- Select the "Babylon..." menu and click on the "Babylon Actions Builder" menu

- The Actions Builder window appears

- You can now add actions to your meshes

- Export your project using the Babylon.js plugin and that's all


Configuring actions in the Actions Builder

Each action you'll add on your meshes is raised by a trigger. On the left side you have a list of elements ready to be drag'n'dropped in the graph (middle side):

- Triggers: events that raise actions

- Actions: actions executed by Babylon.js

- Conditions: conditions checked before executing an action


The pipeline is:

- Drag'n'drop, from the list, triggers on your mesh

- Drag'n'drop, from the list, an action/condition of your choice on one of you triggers or actions

- At any time, click on an action, trigger or condition to edit its parameters. Parameters appear in the right side of the window




Full presentation and tutorial are available here: https://medium.com/babylon-js/actions-builder-b05e72aa541a


It's a call for help, 3ds Max users, to get your feedbacks on this feature to improve and improve it again.


By hoping you'll get a rich experience with actions :)

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