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  1. We are excited to announce that Verge3D, an artist-friendly toolkit for creating web interactives, is now available to Autodesk Maya users! Verge3D allows a designer to create online experiences with Blender, 3ds Max, and now Maya. Interactivity scenarios can be added using Puzzles, Verge3D’s visual scripting editor, without any programming code. Link to the full article Blender Changes For this major version we rebuilt UI/UX for our tools – the App Manager and Puzzles, as well as application templates. The App Manager obtained new functions, such as uploading of appl
  2. Hello guys, I really like to use BabylonJs in my projects, is so useful. However I'm having a problem with a model exporting it from 3dsMax 2016 to .babylon format with the plugin of the last push in babylonjs repository. The log responses with "Exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I read some answers from different post in this forum talking about objects that not are in the scene, It's the problem? Ok, I read in github that I have to use the exporter till 3dsMax2015, however I use the exporten in a cube, directional light and a free camera
  3. When exporting from some 3dmax files, it always report such error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Max2Babylon.BabylonExporter. isMaterialSupported Did anyone encounter this problem before, and how to fix it?
  4. Hello everyone, I have been struggling with a strange problem exporting scene from 3ds Max to Babylon. Some of the meshes end up having strange see-through effects in babylon, like this (you can see the wall and floor in the other room): Experimenting with the materials, I found that: Without albedo / basecolor map, the effect is gone (check out the slates on the ground, they are looking normal): With albedo / basecolor map, strange see-through effect happens (you can see the hidden faces of the slates, giving the illusion of steps): Related info
  5. Hello Everyone, I've just started to use Babylon.js for the the purpose of posting 3d content to Facebook. I am trying to post a scene that consists of a 3d model and an environment from a 360 degree image. How do I export my environment ? all my attempts ( Creating default skybox, a sphere with flipped normal, ...) have been met with failure: - In case of exporting the environment map no success. - In case of flipped sphere, it always views the scene from outside rather from inside. Any solutions? I am trying to refer to the documentation but no clear answer so far. Thanks
  6. Hi community After an export from 3dsmax to gltf, I saw that my metallic/roughness map is to much compressed in jpeg. That create bad artefact on my render. Secondly, I saw that my color map switch from jpeg to png. I have no transparency, it's not necessary in my case. I prefer to keep a little compression for time loading reason. Is there a way to correct this ? Is it possible to add an option like a checkbox "compress", on the exporter, to not compress or compress images ? Thanks for your help. Pierre.
  7. It’s been almost a month since the previous release and here we are again with an incredible amount of new functionality and the most advanced demo we ever made with Verge3D. In this version you’ll find: HTML puzzles for mixing web page elements and 3D objects without coding, basic support for V-Ray materials, the highly efficient LZMA compression for glTF assets that saves 6x of average file size, several new Puzzles and support for 3ds Max 2019. Link to the Full Article!
  8. Live demo HERE! We are excited to announce the first significant update since the 3ds Max version of Verge3D was originally released last month. This update includes important graphics developments, such as the reworked physical material system, the support for edited normals and smoothing groups, shadows and transparency, adds even more puzzles to help your code-less scripting workflow, and fixes many issues reported by early adopters. Read the full list of new features in this acticle!
  9. I have a fairly complex 3ds Max model that, in 3ds Max, is grouped into a parent layer and 5 child layers. I export this to babylon format using the 3ds Max plugin and end up with dozens of separate meshes from the import. In my app I need about 300 of these models. If I parent the imported meshes to a simple box, then clone 300 times, my frame rate drops to 2-5 fps. If I merge all the imported meshes into one mesh with MergeMeshes, then use .createInstance() 300 times, my frame rate remains at 60 ftps. However, the model is now only show with texture. What's the best way to achi
  10. We are excited to announce that Verge3D, the complete, artist-friendly suite for creating interactive 3D web experiences, is now available for Autodesk 3ds Max users! Read the full article here!
  11. Hello community We have an object ( 2 meshes ) with multi material exported with 3dsmax to GLTF format. In inspector, we saw that the exporter splitted our object to 13 meshes. One mesh for each material. Is it possible to keep the same object but with a multi material option instead ? Thanks in advance. Have a nice day .
  12. Hello community We catch a bug with the last exporter version of 3dsMax ( 0.36.0 ) In fact, the normals are inversed with the stable version of babylon.js and not with alpha 3.2.0-alpha7. You can see here the result of a mesh we export today : It working on Sandbox because it run with alpha version of Babylon. @Deltakosh, about that, is it possible to add to the Sandbox an option like playground to choose the stable or latest version ? Can you fixe the exporter for the stable version ? Thanks in advance, Have a nice day
  13. Hi ,When I use the Babylon file, which is exported by the 3dsmax exporter, some of the time, my model will have all sorts of weird problems. I list some problems, because of these features in 3 ds Max normal performance, Only in babylonjs will appear problem, Maybe I, informs it incorrectly, Only at some point will there be a problem, what is straightforward. 1.Some time, when I add parent to the mesh as a whole, the loaded model returns to the center of the scene. var groundMaterial = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("groundMaterial", scene); groundMaterial.alpha = 0;
  14. Hello! I having a problem with the exporter from 3ds max, where there is animation on the camera. I export the scene to babylon.js but the rotation keyframes are not showing up. Is there a reason for this? I have the 3ds max and the exported babylon file. I would appreciate any help for this issue. Thanks camera.babylon trex-cameras.max
  15. Hi @Deltakosh, I quickly tested your 3dsMax exporter and it's a really nice work ! But I have a request for you if it's possible : Could you add the "parentId" of an instance in your .babylon please ? I don't know if you remember, I did this for the import part of BabylonJs : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/24596-apply-parent-of-instance-with-babylon-file/#comment-142048 For us, it's important if an instance have an other parent with a different transformation. What do you think ? Thanks for your help Letsbro team.
  16. Hi there, First of all I would like to thank the developers for this great 3D framework, and also the contributors of this awesome community. You guys are doing a great job . I've got some questions regarding the 3ds max exporter, 90% of my work is based on the 3D editor, I take advantage of your awesome Actions Builder to reduce the code size: 1- What are the standards of adding my own properties that do not come with the exporter ? I see that they all have "babylonjs_" as prefix and they are also lowercase. But when I add a property, lets say isBlocker: babylonjs_isblocker =
  17. Hey! I'm struggling really hard trying to get anything to work - I checked to Playgrounds, forums and documentation but I can not find anything helpful about working with imported meshes. Am I blind? Most of the playground examples I can find work with simple meshes like cubes and spheres, but that is not helpful for me. var frame = new BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box", 100, scene); frame.isVisible = false; var loader = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene); var meshTask = loader.addMeshTask("FW", "", "assets/", "groups.babylon"); meshTask.o
  18. Hi guys, I've just started playing around with Babylon and trying to understand what all it can do. For a project I am working on I have been tasked to create an interactive 3D PC builder. Basically I have to create a 3D model of a PC which I can drag and drop components into to create the complete PC. So I would start off with a case, then I could drag and drop a motherboard onto it then PSU etc... What I would like to know is if it's possible to do this using the Babylon framework? I have been creating models using 3ds Max but I'm not sure if I can export these models with all
  19. Hi guys. A few months ago I implement a character using 3dsMax exporter, I think using exporter v,4.1 or 4.2. , on 3dsmax 2015 here is my old version Now I have a new PC, and I upgrade 3dsMax to 3dsMax2017, and I download exporter v 4.8, I unblock files, but I get the error from attachement. I missed something ? :)) I tried with 2 more animated characters, and the same result. Thank you.
  20. Guys the scene is totally dark after i imported house.babylon file from 3ds max(the 3dsmax model dosen't have camera in it). It loads the model without any error, but nothing is visible on screen and its draker. I have made sure the hemispheric lights are available. Please let me know where i went wrong. dark.txt
  21. Hi everyone, I'm beginner at BabylonJS and I have some problems when I work with model. 1. I tried convert this scene to babylon format from 3ds max format but it didnt work any more. There's no error while converting but the babylon file didnt work. I tested babylon file with babylon sandbox and babylon editor but nothing displayed. I converted it into .obj file , .3ds file... and tried it with blender but the babylon file was still not work. Maybe my model have problems ? this my model : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3ZPYSBq_PtWZWF5ZXNkek5tQk0/view?usp=shar
  22. Hi I am using the 3dsmax exporter. I can export an animated scene.. as a simple example; a box which spins on its axis while at the same time a camera orbits the box. Is it then possible to do any of the following in once in Babylonjs: 1. Play the camera animation without having the box spin on its axis. 2. Have the box animate while the camera remains static. 3. Stop the box animation at a chosen point while the camera continues to follow the animation.
  23. Hello to community ! It's time to present you the Actions Builder that is a part of the 3ds Max plugin (and soon available in the Sandbox). The Actions Builder is an initiative of the Babylon.js team to help 3ds Max artists to create actions on their meshes without any line of code. Installing the Actions Builder The Actions Builder is a folder named "BabylonActionsBuilder" located in the same folder as the Babylon.js 3ds Max plugin (typically "C:\Program files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\bin\assemblies\"). The "BabylonActionsBuilder" folder must contain: - "fonts" folder - actionsbuilder.max
  24. I have an animated character scene that has an animated, rigged, skinned mesh for the character and some other rigged meshes for equipment. Babylon doesn't like how the equipment is animated when I export from 3dsmax to Babylon it doesn't animate the equipment meshes. I'm not sure whats special about the equipment meshes I think they are transforms? Here is a video of the animation rendered from 3dsmax: Here is a video of the animation exported to Babylon: I'm not sure whats going on here I got the model from a 3rd party and animation is not my skill set. Heres a closer look at one of t
  25. Hi guys, I got a new problem. A make a new animated character in 3dsMax. And when i import it on scene, it works fine, but when I try to start animation, I got this error in console: TypeError: this._keys[(g + 1)] is undefined Before I did a lot of any animations, and works fine. Looks like I have a wrong frame, or something like this.I you want the character, I will send you in PM.Thanks a lot.
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