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Inquiry about future functionality

Bob H

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Define "native to pixi.js" :)

Most of the things you mentioned sound like great plugins. v3 is all about keeping the core lightweight and agile, and putting most features into plugins. That way you can mix-match what you want and need, and the community can come up with great pixi content without it having to be int he core library.

There has been some movement on making Graphics better to support some of those features:


Hopefully with changes like this, we can make the core more robust and easier to extend. Tweening will almost certainly never been in the core because it is not related to rendering, and we are a rendering engine. I've been trying to use the motto "If it doesn't need to be in core, it isn't".

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I appreciate an explanation of the design philosophy. When I used the term 'native', I meant functionality that is part of the pixi.js package.


I did extend and modifiy CreateJS a bit to achieve the functionality listed above -- see http://www.koolmoves.com/paintball/paintball.html


I am not an expert javascript programmer so I would prefer not having to write much code myself.


I will look into plugins compatible with pixi.js.

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