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What are you guys currently working on?


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Hey guys


I'm just finishing of my game Lightybulb. I've remade the game in 2.0 and added lots of extra levels. I'm also using the game as a learning exercise to finally publish my first app (using Cocoon hopefully).


I thought it might be cool too start a thread about the Panda projects people are working on :)





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Hi guys,


Currently I am developping an educational product to teach children reading ans spelling in Dutch. The final product will be a web based environment that will be available for schools on a subscription basis. 


Some numbers:

Currently I have implemented around 10.000(!) Dutch words, all with high quality sound files for the pronounciation of the individual words. All words are analysed for more than 300 spelling characteristics and the program keeps track of the progress of all these rules during practise automatically.


So where does Panda.js comes in? The words can be practices with individual small games that are played in the browser. For this occasion I put a few of them online temporarily for demo purposes. Here we go:


reading rocket:



maze (spelling game):



racing game (reward): 

http://www.rekenblobs.nl/taalblobs_nieuw/game/autorace.html (based on the tutorial: //http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2012/6/23/javascript_racer_v1_straight/, ported to Panda).


When this is all working in Dutch, I might actually try to port the programm to other languages. I'n thinking about Danish or perhaps even Swedish. (both relatively small Northern European countries bases on the population number, like the Netherlands in fact).


So much for now, enjoy the demos!


Stephan  :)



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Hi @Stephan


That's really awesome work! I've played them all (some easier for me than others - couldn't do the spelling on the sound one haha).


I originaly come from Czech republic (now live in New Zealand), so almost neighbours :)


Sounds like a really cool project!


Good luck & hope you post your progress!

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Most of the stuff I've done is POC only. I'm quite a newbie to HTML5 games development in general so I'm just experimenting around. 

Using PandaJS has definitely been a great experience for me as it's a powerful engine whilst being "cleaner" and object-oriented than what I've tried in the past.

I haven't published anything on the web yet, but that might change soon or when Panda 2.0 is officially released. 

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