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Texture names and urls


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I've encountered a problem that's preventing me from loading a saved, serialized scene.


new Texture() constructor takes a simple url, and assigns that url to the texture's name. so if the texture url is in a scene directory, the name will include that directory


however, Internals.loadTexture()  when deserializing a scene whe encountering a texture, prepends the rootURL to the texture's name. 


Consequently, I get errors during loads about rootUrl/rootUrl/image.png not being found ...


not causing problems for anyone else?

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Okay I made a quick demo of the problem. It's a bit wonky to use but illustrates problem


it's at http://enjoy3d.com/babylonjs/


basically it shows a scene made from an imported mesh

it also loads the last 'saved' scene into another scene you can toggle to


there are 3 keys you can press:


if you type 's', it saves the current scene in the scene directory

if you type 't', it toggles the scene with the one last saved in the scene directory

if you type 'c', it changes the texture of the book to a jpg loaded from the scene directory.


if you SAVE the original scene, no problem with the toggle.

But if you change the texture and then save it, next time you refresh (and reload scene) there will be an error about texture

and the toggled scene will show the missing texture pattern


So I am trying to work with assets in a scene directory, but the way textures are made during scene de-serialize causes the rootURL to get prepended to the texture name - which already has the rootURL in its name.


Let me know if  any of this isn't clear or maybe my overall strategy could be improved somehow




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