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Playground example not working in localhost


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Hi everybody.


I checked this sample:




This sample only can run in playground when you press "Run" again but when I tried to run it in my pc (after "get zip") the console shows me:


"Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL"


I fixed a ";" that was missing but still gives me that error.


What am I doing wrong?



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I tried like in your file but I must did something wrong because it didnt work for me.


Once again you save me iiceman.


One more question, do you know where I can find a example of move a texture (like in your file) but in a mesh imported from Blender?


Thank you very much.

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hmm..maybe... something like that: http://p215008.mittwaldserver.info/space_paint/ (might load a while). Changing the texture like that only works with a dynamic texture. You cant do that only with blender. You would have to read the texture after importing the file, draw that texture in a dynamic texture like in the example and assign the dynamic texture to the imported mesh again.

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