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moveToPointer/angleToPointer for a sprite?


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Hi Guys,


There are the following commands : 


bullet.rotation = game.physics.moveToPointer(bullet, 300)


sprite.rotation = game.physics.angleToPointer(sprite);


I would rather have the bullet move to a particular sprite on the screen or angle to it, rather than going to the mouse pointer.


Is there a similar command we can use like "move to sprite" or "angle to sprite" rather than moving to the pointer?



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In dev branch: 

game.physics.moveToObject(displayObject, destination, speed, maxTime);

Also you may find useful: moveToXY, accelerateToObject and accelerateToXY.

Thank you rich.


I was able to use "game.physics.moveToObject" and "angleBetween" to get the desired bullet movement effect :-)

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