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Phaser speed good Chrome and firefox but bad in IE


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You might be experiencing errors.  Are you able to debug and view the console while running IE?  IE, though much improved beginning with around version 9, still has many support issues with what is otherwise "standard" JavaScript/CSS.   Out of interest, you might try running in the new Microsoft Edge browser which has pretty good compliance.  You'll need Windows 10 do to that though.

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If it helps you any I tested your game and...


I get 60 in chrome.

17 in Firefox but still playable.

10 in IE11 with a lot of glitches.

Didn't run at all in Safari.

60 in Opera.


All under Windows 10.


EDIT: I just tried your game in Edge and a strange thing happened. The game was running at 43 fps but was visibly sluggish, then suddenly the frame rate dropped to 15 but the sluggishness disappeared and the game was running as fast as it ran in Chrome at 60.


So mwatt's probably right. It looks like you've got a bug in your code somewhere.

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i would suggest try WEBGL and CANVAS instead of AUTO and see if any of those make a difference.. you might find for instance Chrome/Firefox using WEBGL and IE using CANVAS. maybe your game doesn't run well in CANVAS so check that in Chrome etc.


re: Safari.. it gives an error in phaser.js phaser.js:41562

TypeError: setting a property that has only a getter


you should add an issue in the phaser github maybe



also your console.logs & errors probably slow things down. check your console warnings.


I just checked. IE = CANVAS, Chrome = WEBGL


possibly you also have GPU-accelerated WEBGL in chrome etc?

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