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Disposing materials


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Please help me (yes, again :))!



1. have StandardMaterial, binded on mesh;

2. delete this material:  material.dispose()

3. scene.materials not contains this material more, its OK,

BUT ....

4. If we get "material" property from mesh we get link on deleted material.


How it works?



First we deleted anything materials (we not know how meshes binded on disposed material).

Second we need know - deleted material on this mesh or not, but how, if we get "material" we get normal StandardMaterial.


Check every time contains scene.materials this material or not is horrable, but how make this correct?


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That's actually rather interesting.


If you dispose a material that is currently being used, it is not being fully disposed. You can only dispose it after you set the mesh's material to null.

Maybe the dispose function should also search all meshes using the material and set their material to null.


Here - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1A8B4B#2

Look at both alerts. JavaScript sometimes puzzles me. I feel like something that is done is wrong, but i can't pinpoint it...


That's even more interesting than I thought :-) The first call removes it from the scene.materials, but isn't completely deleted (As i wrote before). But for some reason, the second call removed the default material from the scene's materials array. Odd... Debugging further. I slowly start to sound like Wingnut... :-)

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