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Physics Forward Model: is it possible?


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I am planning to create a game with a couple of rectangles and circles, but where I want to have an AI controlling a character. To do so I need the AI to be able to forward model (e.g. 5 seconds ahead) the (P2) physics of the game world in order to look ahead. However, from what I have seen the physics, even though decoupled from rendering which enables much faster processing for physics alone, does not seem to have any straigforward mechanisms to accomplish this.


Possible solutions that have crossed my mind, but I wonder if they are possible: 1) copy the state of the physics world to a new game and perfom the lookahead with this; 2) save the physical properties of the objects, look ahead and when finished reset those properties.


Anyone knows if this is possible or of any other/better solution to perform this look ahead functionality?


Thanks a lot!

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