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animation without spritesheet


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hi all,

i'm new in the forum and in using phaser framework.

i'm try to move my first step in this fantastic technology, but i have some newbie difficulty.

my today problem is about animation.

in all the example or tutorial that i have seen/read,

it seems that to perform an animation i have to pass through load some spritesheet ( or atlas, or similar ).
it's not possible to program an animation with simple preloaded images?

i have texture packer, and for small frame it's ok.
but if i have some huge sprite to animate, i can't made spritesheets. every spritesheet contain only two huge frame.
so i don't see the point to made a lot of spritesheets insted of use a lot of images.

so my questions are two:

1) is possbile to made sprite animation using single images and not spritesheets?

2) and if not, how can i made an animation with sprites divided in multiple spritesheets?


thanks a lot


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You could dynamically create your own spritesheet I think.. See last post


Swapping spritesheets is going to give you some performance hit... It's better if its all on the same texture


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I don't know what you exactly try to accomplish but it sounds like you are moving in the wrong direction.

Each of the sprite sheets will consume a severe mount of memory (2048x2048 = 16 MB) at runtime and loading time.

You should avoid this if possible.


You have 2 main options for this:


1) Your animation affects the whole frame 

Use a video codec to play the animation - not sprites.


2) Your animation affects only part of the scene, the rest is static

Try to create layers: So your animation should consist of 2 things:

- a static background

- the foreground with the animation

Choose the same frame size for the background and the foreground. 

In TexturePacker use TrimMode = Trim

I assume that the foreground layers contain a lot of transparency - so you should be able to pack it tightly.

You might even split the foreground into different sub-animations.

Playing the animation in Phaser should be easy because of trimming - it preserves the relative position of the animation and background. 

Setting both to the same position should suffice.





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thanks all for your replays.


i try to explain better my needs, because i have had a similar problem two years ago ( other project but similar situation )
when i was trying to made a native application for ipad, and never solved it.


the project is a children interactive book.
usually this kind of projects have tablets in mind ( usually ipad ).


children need big object on screen. and all ipads ( but not only ipad ) have

retina monitor. ( i’m really scared when apple will switch all his tablets with

3x screen )

so the graphical assets will be very huge.


in my case i have a dinosaur. i’am lucky this time is b&w, 

so every frame isn’t too much heavy. approximately 170kb for 1920*1082px dimension.

but i have 46 different frame. only for this first scene.


texture packer, with multipack option activated, give me 6 sprite sheets 4096*4096

every one with 8 dino’s frame.


it’s a foolish thing to do to load for every scene 6 or 7 sprite sheets like that?


i really don’t know how to accomplish this, and if it could be accomplished.

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You could try to scale your game up. Do smaller assets (2 or 4 times smaller), and scale them up. This way you could greatly reduce the weight of your assets. I'm not sure it will keep a sharp and crisp look though.


You could also use Dragonbones. See post here : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6666-phaser-dragonbones/

And example here : http://www.alexh.org/phaser_bones/


This way you would just have to load the character once, and make it do whatever you want. If it's just a story for kids, the performances should be fine.


You could even couple both (scaling + dragon bones).

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