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phaser.d.ts vs phaser.comments.d.ts


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This one is a quicky: it looks like phaser.d.ts and phaser.comments.d.ts are exactly the same besides the comments. Are the comments in phaser.comments.d.ts show up in TypeScript Intellisense? As such, does that mean that phaser.comments.d.ts is recommended over phaser.d.ts? If so, why would one use phaser.d.ts over phaser.comments.d.ts?



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Actually the grunt script that generates the comments file no longer runs, and I've no idea why (or any time to figure it out, as I didn't code the original), so I'll need to remove the comments defs from the next release (unless someone gets in there quick and can resolve it).


Thanks for the reply rich! Does this mean that the comments version is the preferred version, but is outdated now? Also, if you get a minute, could you point me in the direction of the piece of the grunt script in question?

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The TypeScript API has changed is not compatible with the script to generate the commented files. I've try to update the grunt task but there are a lot of changes, and I don't have time so I gave up. But if we set the version 1.4.1 in the package.json file, the task works well. I did a pull request with this change, and with the commented files updated.



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