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Babylon.js and Node.js


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I have another question about the real estate project I am working on.


I am using Node.js as the server for this project. It is fairly straightforward and I have gotten the application to work except for one part.


When i look at the console, it appears that the app wont get the .babylon file I am importing into my scene. I am not sure how to solve this but I have uploaded this project on Github if you would like to take a look:




I have found an Babylon.js npm, but I don't see any tutorials on how to use it in the app. Is my approach to this wrong?

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Your Express server is not aware of how to handle the .babylon extension. You will experience this issue in pretty much any server environment as most servers will not recognize this extension and thus will not know the mime type. In your app.js you will need to add to the mime table.


I haven't used express in a while, but this used to be done like this:


app.mime.type['.fx'] = 'application/fx';

app.mime.type['.babylon'] = 'application/babylon';

app.mime.type['.babylonmeshdata'] = 'application/babylonmeshdata';


While the syntax may not be right it should point you in the right direction, you are looking for a way for the server to respond with the proper mime type in the header when the .babylon extension is being requested.

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Hello Babylon community,


-->Here is good example, of NodeJS serving .babylon files<--


It uses Dynamic Mime Types to populate the response.Content-type field, from the request file sent.

But, at just the right moment in Node.createServer(...).

Basically this:

                        "Content-type" : mimeType,                      //<-- SET dynamic MIME TYPE when .babylon files come through.
                        "Content-Length" : contents.length


Instructions: With node installed, clone git, then cmd line run> node server

Result (localhost:8080): .babylon meshes loaded successfully by Node in two ways: AssetsManager && SceneLoader.ImportMesh.



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