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Blender: Babylon Exporter or Tower of Babel -> Rendering Different


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I'm working on a project in Blender and exporting to Babylon.  I would like to use Tower of Babel to export in .JS files, but, the scenes render differently when exported with Tower of Babel then with the Babylon exporter.  The Babylon exporter renders more closely to Blender.  


Is there something I am not doing right?  I made a simple scene in Blender of just the sphere and cube and a lamp.  I included a screen grab, the render on the left is using Babylon Exporter and the render on the right is using Tower Of Babel.  


Tower of Babel applies some sort of smoothing to the render, the sphere is smooth and round.  That's ok, but, the lighting isn't.  It has sharp highlights with the shading it makes it look like the lights is burning into the objects.  That effect ruins the scenes i have.  


I may go back to using Threejs and see what it renders like exporting from Blender


I also included the simple blender file (zipped).


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There are a couple of very late changes to the Babylon export that have not made it into the published version Tower of Babel.  One is the default setting of "No vertex sharing" is set to True still, I think.  Go to the Scene properties Tab, & change that to false, if true.  Good news is these settings are saved in the .blend file.


The other change I do not remember right now (it was very small), but it has already been made in the dev version. 


Cannot really push this right up to Github yet (read lazy),  It has a major rework of shape keys for the next version of Make Human meshes so that they can talk, and move using skeletons in the same mesh.  I also just pulled it apart to experiment with generating mesh data to support variable # of influencers for skeletons.  In addition to temp code in TOB that needs cleaned up, this is written for a version of Make Human that is pre-production.


This sometimes comes with the world free ware.  I am building this for my own use, & only sharing when I have accomplished my goals.  Deltakosh does not seem to be a user of BJS himself, so his response may differ.  Tower of Babel is the Extensions repository.

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