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3D modeler & 2D texture artist needed!


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Hi everyone!

Here in NWG studios we are developing several games, main of which is Wardensity:Arena 3d RTS/MOBA which runs right in your browser [no, not Unity, but HTML5 & webGL]. And we need a talented 3d modeler [to create flora/decorations/buildings/units models] and it would be great if you could draw textures too. But if you can only draw textures, don't hesitate and write us!

Right now there are three developers and there was one designer, but cause of personal circumstances he left. And now we extremely need one or two artists.

We don't have funding at the moment, but the project is interesting and we can agree somehow otherwise. There can be nominal small payments, but mainly we offer part of the project in exchange for nice work.
You need to have 3-5 free hours per day on the start, and maybe less in the future, work needs to be done fast and with high quality. I know this sounds like a tough task, but I think you'll be satisfied in the future.

Project site: Wardensity.com

Have a nice day and cheers,
NextWebGames studios

Contact mail: [email protected]

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Hi ohmed,


I might be a good addition to your team.  I have a few years modelling experience, but much more programming experience.  I've been in web development for 5 years doing mostly node.js and recently ember.  I also have done enough hobbyist game programming to have an understanding of the foundations of game dev.


If you'd like to talk my email me at [email protected]

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