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Bump maps + shadow: Understanding


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Hello fellow 3d engineers!


I've become a little bit cursious about how bump maps work together with shadow.


I am still working on the configurator wor wooden constructions.

I wanted to give a the wood a bit more plasticity by adding a bump map.


I think I've understood how to design the bump map properbly, but not why the shadow is hidden, when looking from different angles of view.


Could someone explain this and help me?





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The normal map (called bump map in BABYLON) perturbs the normal vector of the face, so most of it should be 128,128,255 in rgb (no perturbance, normal points upwards from mesh surface).

The shadow shows a little bit on the right side, so it could be a normal problem. Or the face gets too much specular light...

(Just an idea.)



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So I always used something like grey images for the normal/bump map.


So which "colors" should the normal map have for which effect?


In this case, I just want to get the planks lightened normally and the grooves to look a bit "deeper", if you understand.



Thank you!

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