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water material error


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Hi there

I don't know if any of you, but I expirance water material effect problem.

I am using Linux and on my Firefox all is fine / greate but when I open it with windows 8 IE or even Firefox over there water just not shown. Is there could by regarding of graphic card????

I must admit that even when I load page on my android phone water appear so is strange behaviour of this effect.

At the moment I am away and just type from my phone but when I will be back tomorrow evening home I will link example.

I know I love my linux and I will stick with it but as I try too build corss platform web page with 3D model on is important that work everywhere exacly that some way. I make compromise that some browsers do not support webgl but at least this that support should display scene this same way.

I try go away from flash as3 which I love as all project look 100 % look this same every where but I know that flash have not future of web ;( even Adobe go HTML5 so I try have a go with web gl on html5 and Babyoon.js is in my opinion the bast and straight forward way to do it.

I must say if flash do not need flash player I probobly will stick with it but I blive future of web is plugin free web browsers.

Please any comments and advised welcome.


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Hello, you see -  it is not problem with my pc, as I using Linux and all working , is few other people who I show project, one was on windows 7 , and other one on new windows 8 straight from shop.


But I will make more research.


thank you , I will post results shortly.

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I ask few friends and they look on this page - that what they see ?!


2 on windows 7 one x32 one x64, one on windows 8 , testing on firefox on windows 8 on Chromium,Firefox , IE not showing water !?


I really confuse as it is so grate effect but is not really cross-platform - how it that as new pc do not show it when on yours and on my ( linux ) work perfectly !!!


most of resons to do things online is to share it not look only us self :(


that screen shot of that what they see when open this page

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It's weird... With this link in Chrome/Win7 http://hw3web.co.uk/web/babylon/cube_water, I don't have water, as the previous screenshot... And it is on my gaming PC, so no driver issues here ! 

Weirder : with this link from the tutorial http://www.babylonjs.com/tutorials/blogs/customShaders/customShaders.html, here is the result I get : http://imgur.com/YbukkD2

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A lot of warnings :  


WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: getUniformLocation: program not linked

3WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: getAttribLocation: program not linked customShaders.html:1
2WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: useProgram: program not valid customShaders.html:1
3WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: activeTexture: texture unit out of range customShaders.html:1
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I have the "pause on all exceptions" activated, but when I reload the page, no pause is done for the tutorial.


However, I got a breakpoint with OP scene.


Here is the complete stacktrace : 

BABYLON.Engine.createShaderProgram (babylon.1.5.2.js:1)BABYLON.Effect._prepareEffect (babylon.1.5.2.js:1)(anonymous function) (babylon.1.5.2.js:1)BABYLON.Tools.LoadFile.request.onreadystatechange (babylon.1.5.2.js:1)

And the complete error : 

  1. <exception>Error
  2. defines""
  3. error"Precisions for uniform waveData do not match between the vertex and fragment shader↵"
  4. fragmentCode"#ifdef GL_ES ↵precision mediump float; ↵#endif ↵ ↵uniform vec3 vEyePosition; ↵uniform vec4 vLevels; ↵uniform vec3 waterColor; ↵uniform vec2 waveData; ↵ ↵// Lights ↵varying vec3 vPositionW; ↵varying vec3 vNormalW; ↵uniform vec3 vLightPosition; ↵ ↵// Refs ↵varying vec2 vBumpUV; ↵varying vec4 vUV; ↵uniform sampler2D refractionSampler; ↵uniform sampler2D reflectionSampler; ↵uniform sampler2D bumpSampler; ↵ ↵void main(void) { ↵ vec3 viewDirectionW = normalize(vEyePosition - vPositionW); ↵ ↵ // Light ↵ vec3 lightVectorW = normalize(vLightPosition - vPositionW); ↵ ↵ // Wave ↵ vec3 bumpNormal = 2.0 * texture2D(bumpSampler, vBumpUV).rgb - 1.0; ↵ vec2 perturbation = waveData.y * bumpNormal.rg; ↵ ↵ // diffuse ↵ float ndl = max(0., dot(vNormalW, lightVectorW)); ↵ ↵ // Specular ↵ vec3 angleW = normalize(viewDirectionW + lightVectorW); ↵ float specComp = dot(normalize(vNormalW), angleW); ↵ specComp = pow(specComp, 256.); ↵ ↵ // Refraction ↵ vec2 texCoords; ↵ texCoords.x = vUV.x / vUV.w / 2.0 + 0.5; ↵ texCoords.y = vUV.y / vUV.w / 2.0 + 0.5; ↵ ↵ vec3 refractionColor = texture2D(refractionSampler, texCoords + perturbation).rgb; ↵ ↵ // Reflection ↵ vec3 reflectionColor = texture2D(reflectionSampler, texCoords + perturbation).rgb; ↵ ↵ // Fresnel ↵ float fresnelTerm = dot(viewDirectionW, vNormalW); ↵ fresnelTerm = clamp((1.0 - fresnelTerm) * vLevels.y, 0., 1.); ↵ ↵ // Water color ↵ vec3 finalColor = (waterColor * ndl) * vLevels.x + (1.0 - vLevels.x) * (reflectionColor * fresnelTerm * vLevels.z + (1.0 - fresnelTerm) * refractionColor * vLevels.w) + specComp; ↵ ↵ ↵ gl_FragColor = vec4(finalColor, 1.); ↵}"
  5. fragmentShaderWebGLShader
  6. shaderProgramWebGLProgram
  7. thisBABYLON.Engine
  8. vertexCode"// Attributes ↵attribute vec3 position; ↵attribute vec3 normal; ↵attribute vec2 uv; ↵ ↵// Uniforms ↵uniform vec2 waveData; ↵uniform mat4 windMatrix; ↵uniform mat4 world; ↵uniform mat4 worldViewProjection; ↵ ↵// Normal ↵varying vec3 vPositionW; ↵varying vec3 vNormalW; ↵varying vec4 vUV; ↵varying vec2 vBumpUV; ↵ ↵void main(void) { ↵ vec4 outPosition = worldViewProjection * vec4(position, 1.0); ↵ gl_Position = outPosition; ↵ ↵ vPositionW = vec3(world * vec4(position, 1.0)); ↵ vNormalW = normalize(vec3(world * vec4(normal, 0.0))); ↵ ↵ vUV = outPosition; ↵ ↵ vec2 bumpTexCoord = vec2(windMatrix * vec4(uv, 0.0, 1.0)); ↵ vBumpUV = bumpTexCoord / waveData.x; ↵}"
  9. vertexShaderWebGLShader
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I still have some feedback about new setting , please let me ask more in next few days ,


I believe is important to be compatible with all webgl working browsers


as after update I have feedback as blank page : ( !


just need check it .


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