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Player Health bar - error


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So I'm trying to display a players health this is what I've come up with so far - 

Create -

healthbar = this.add.sprite(38, 616, 'healthbar');healthbar.fixedToCamera = true;healthbar.cropEnabled = true;maxHealth = 100;player.alive = true;

Update - 

healthbar.crop.width = (player.health / maxHealth) * healthbar.width;

Basically when a player takes damage the player.health will drop below the maxHealth which would hopefully crop the health bar, unfortunately I don't get any errors and when I take damage say down to 67 hp the crop doesn't run on the healthbar and it remains are full width.

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Hi, I believe, that you have to call updateCrop() after changing width in update method. This is part of my game code:



            // top            this._top = new Sprite(aGame, 0, 0, "UI", "LimitTimeTop");            var topFrame = aGame.cache.getFrameByName("UI", "LimitTimeTop");            this._topHeight = topFrame.height;            this._topCropRect = new Phaser.Rectangle(0, 0, topFrame.width, topFrame.height);            this._top.crop(this._topCropRect, false);

sets new crop rect as big as original sprite's frame.



            // top            var newHeight = Math.floor(this._topHeight * topPercent);            this._topCropRect.y = this._topHeight - newHeight;            this._topCropRect.height = newHeight;            this._top.updateCrop();            this._top.y = this._topHeight - newHeight;

chnges and updates cropping.


Anyway, if your health bar is colored rectangle bar, then it may be better and easier for you just set sprite's width to needed number of pixels.

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