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Phaser docs - perhaps a little adjustment to website needed


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I just noticed in documentation that when I click on a keyword the page scrolls down to it but the first line is covered by the search bar. I haven't noticed the search bar in past, so I'm just curious the scroll could be shifter a bit upwards so the first line is visible, or is it just my browser?


For instance, I opened Phaser.StateManager, scroll to methods, click on "start" keyword and the browser scrolls down to an anchor but the first line I see says:

"Start the given State. If a State is already running then State.shutDown will be called (if it exists) before switching to the new State.",

while the first line for start is covered by search bar and says:

"start(key, clearWorld, clearCache, parameter)".


The same behaviou occurs in Chrome.


I use latest Firefox.



btw: in search bar you can click on Properties and methods and it scrolls you down to the appropriate section where the search bar covers the title of the section as well (though the title is larger so it's covered only partially).

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